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Comparing Content Management Systems: WordPress vs. HubSpot

Posted by: Priya

3 21


Every progressive country is bringing substantial and effective ways to transform its economy into a digital economy. A digital economy undertakes all its economic activities using information and communication technology.

E-commerce is one such mode of operation of the wider digital economy which is a largest platform for operating business effectively. The older practice hither to follow for promoting the products into market stream has become obsolete now and has given say to newer ways place and it is by marketing the products through content management techniques.

Significance of Content Management System:

The business people now endorse their products effectively to the doors of buyers by representing the products details through various on line platforms which are easily accessible to the buyers. The content matter provides complete details of their product, their brand, objectives, pricing and special know how behind such products so that it makes the users completely aware of the products they are going to deal with. The content can be edited as per the marketing needs and trends. This way the selling and buying take place on one’s control and discretion.

Content management is known in two ways ie Enterprise content management and Web content management Word Press Vs HubSpot. Both WordPress and HubSpot are tools of content management. Both are effective in their own respective ways. WordPress is a well known open source software that allows ample freedom to its users to create their own websites of their choice and choose all the functions on their priority basis and promote their business on their desired lines.

The WordPress can be installed free of cost whether they are novice or seasoned entity in the business field. Easy to download, it offers the best customizing features to your websites boosting the rank of the products and its visibility among the large websites. They are easy to adopt with simple features. The user can create his website, making it more presentable an viable through images, videos or pictorial representation to enhance his content matter. Thus the user can have a complete hold on his website created through word press.

Distinctive Features of WordPress and HubSpot:

The WordPress functions on two different bays such as and the other is In the former version, your website is being hosted free of cost without any hassles of administrative or maintaining issues. The latter one that is in you have to host your websites and have complete control. Both the versions are useful like the new or lesser experienced can also opt for the first version. They help importing specific features, better customizing themes and different software in creating and designing your websites in order to make it much more presentable and attractive and ultimately attain a closer lead position in the market. You can alter the website that reflects your needs and desires free of cost and simplicity.

Word is the choice of many since it has its own distinctive features. They are run on very nominal cost basis and they give you personal control over the website when compared to, where your website is controlled externally giving you less freedom, you are left with limited customized features or templates or technical advantages.

HubSpot is another and strong version of CMS which provides fantastic scaffolding tools for social marketing of your products and services. Unlike WordPress, it is a closed solution. It provides necessary support and tools to build websites and develop its integrated marketing tools. Its content optimization system helps to promote both digital and inbound marketing through its website pages, market automation options and other essential elements of social media marketing.

These are eliminated in The users can own the website under their selective name and brand. It is further strengthened by your own email and live chat facilities including a lot of storage space in fact unlimited storage place to your disposal and discretion. This platform is certainly a better choice with better technical support and infrastructure to endorse your products in much wider zones and enter stronger competitive business portals.

The additional feature of HubSpot is its flexibility in using its control panels which helps the users to add or delete its content created earlier. So, it helps to modify your websites in accordance to prevailing market conditions. It certainly has a better edge over WordPress base since the users can go for contacting the HubSpot support team to advice in various situations. The team also helps analyze the marketing outcome of its users and suggest various ways to optimize their results including use of various SEO tools. We have to take note that the HubSpot provides all marketing infrastructure under its larger umbrella but it is reasonably expensive to the user’s pocket. It has its further limitations that as it is not owned by you. You do not have any control on the website and cannot change its locations either.