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Blogging As An Effective Measure For Brand Promotion

Posted by: Priya

3 21

Blogging has become one of the vastly used tools at the hands of businesses and digital marketers in getting close to the desired audience. In fact, only a well-constructed blog effectively bridges the dearth of personalised selling which is inherent in online businesses. Even offline businesses have now begun using blogging to promote and place their brand.

Qualitative way to engage with audience

The power of storytelling applies to businesses as well, and once you ensure that the topic is of relevance and is well-researched, you can connect better with both new and becoming traffic. Instead of selling goods and services, a blog helps customers improve awareness on certain key pain points and then behold the business as a strategic solution provider.

Creating not just customers, but thought leaders

Modern day blog marketing strategies have relaxed the technological entry barriers for seasoned subject matter experts as bloggers and now elite, fresh and quality content feature in online blogs. Businesses can pride on the creation of a knowledge-rich base of customers.

Development of a loyal and interactive community

A blog is a mixture of words viz, web and log. An element of continuity can be interweaved into blog content that keeps the interests of customers piqued and they are keen to express their views. It gives an opportunity for them to take cognizance of humanized selling strategies of the business.

Guest blogging strategy

This is yet another healthy content marketing strategy wherein the blogger does not post the content on his own website but on third party sites that ends in a mutual benefit for both. Increased traffic due to back-linking, popularity and an opportunity to display one's authority over the subject matter are some advantages.

Measure to build customer trust

When non-persuasive, generic content can help build repute and trust for the business in the eyes of customers who feel that the business is competent enough to command brand leadership. By being eye-openers to current trends in the industry, blogs are also gentle reminders of the rights and privileges of customers.

Gaining leadership on the SERPs

This is a valid and perhaps the most sough-after motive of businesses resorting to blogging. The search engines like Google and Bing, prune web content and evaluate on the basis of genuineness and relevance to search queries.

Accelerating social interaction through blogging

By placing relevant CTA (call to action) buttons, businesses can ensure that readers can share and comment on blogs through social media pages. This is the best way for businesses to demonstrate concept validation.

Blogging thus has emerged, not as a selling tool but as an educating tool that can influence the way the society thinks and reacts to global issues and technological advancements. A business that keeps cultivating an empowered clientele is remembered better and patronized oftener.