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Tips to Load your WordPress Website within 3 Seconds

Posted by: Priya

3 21

WordPress is the most powerful platform, yet it can struggle with slow load times, which can be a major disadvantage when customers anticipate immediate results. A report by Google states that a minimum of 50 percent of internet customers expect their website to load within seconds, further 53 percent would leave the website if the website takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The WordPress site can be loaded faster by carrying out WordPress Website Maintenance. Even though the WordPress Speed Optimization post is long, the techniques stated below assist you with boosting the loading speeds. Few of them are explained below -

Install a WordPress Caching plugin

WordPress pages are created in such a manner that WordPress needs to run a sequence of processes while getting information and putting for display on the browser for the user. The entire procedure is complex particularly when many individuals access the website at the same time. Further, Caching Plugin’s work in a way that they store a copy of each page of the website after the initial loading and serve the same copy to the next users.

Optimize the Images

Since no website will be complete without an image of any kind, optimizing these images is the best option. Considering the file format and compression rendered, the size of the image can be reduced up to 5x.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By using a CDN, can help lessen the time it takes to load the site for various users based in several parts of the world. Besides, a CDN will store 'static' documents that make up the WordPress site and deliver it to clients in various locations using the servers located close to them as compared to the server hosted on the site.

Keeping the WordPress Site Updated

WordPress can be described as an open-source project, gets updated so often with each update focusing on specific features, correcting specific bugs or security issues. Further, the same goes for the plugin’s and themes. By keeping these updated, is a certain method for making the site load quicker and it helps in the site's security.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Page speed is an important part of on-page SEO. Suffice to say, a WordPress site will get you positioned on top of Google. Moreover, customers can experience lightning fast user experience. A customer should not be lost because of the slow loading of the site.