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How bad Backlinks can affect small Businesses?.

Posted by: Priya

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still remains a very prominent channel for small businesses today to reach their desired audience, achieve goals and spread awareness of the products or services offered. SEO Backlinks play a very important role to promote the website from an Off-page SEO standpoint. One could also say that backlinks are the prime or the foremost factor while optimizing the website. The algorithm updates from Google has also impacted the rankings of numerous businesses, posing a challenge for the necessity to have backlinks.

Impact of Bad Backlinks on Small Businesses

Backlinks play a vital role in enhancing one’s SEO efforts. It is imperative for businesses to promote their sites in order to attract suitable backlinks. Simultaneously, it is also crucial to keep pace with algorithm update from Google. Some of the SEO agencies / freelancers promise backlinks, but the quality of links provided through their work, can hamper the rankings and can negatively impact the business. In many cases, the businesses are oblivious of dangers impending on them because of the backlinks.

The main algorithms that marketers have to keep pace with are Panda, Penguin and the Pirate. The efforts made towards achieving goals can be drastically brought down by negative or harmful SEO techniques as well. It is a less known fact in the industry that directory listings, citations and social bookmarking can create links.

Negative SEO tactics are employed by competitors to harm others’ rankings. This is posing a direct challenge to black hat SEO and has made it difficult to implement. Bad backlinks can be targeted to someone’s website in the following ways:

  • Creating Spammy Links-
  • Such links can be created to reduce others’ and improve one’s own
  • Directing Links-
  • Spurious keywords are used to point links to the websites. Some examples are Viagra, poker online etc.
  • Taking Away Backlinks-
  • The good backlinks of a particular website can be removed.

All the above mentioned tactics can contribute to the downfall of a business from an SEO standpoint.

Techniques to Protect Websites from Negative SEO

Marketers must keep track of their backlink profiles, protect the top backlinks by using your domain in the email address, safeguard website from malware and hackers, check for duplicate content and monitor social media mentions.

It is also necessary to avoid penalized websites and buying links online. Clorida can provide accurate ideas on protecting the overall standing of your business from an SEO standpoint, and take up the onus the entire project.